Healthcare Solutions


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Authentication & authorization of integrated healthcare IT systems.

We provide end-to-end life cycle support from the back office to the doctor’s office, including management and administrative services (quality improvement, medical and administrative cost reduction, payer operations, and CRM), enterprise operations services (financial integrity, accounting, and operational effectiveness), and program management support (strategy, policy, and planning).

Our enterprise-level Health and Benefit System Identity and Access Management (IAM) services support authentication and authorization of integrated healthcare IT systems. IAM is composed of the people, processes, and COTS Products that identify and manage the data (user data, systems, traits) used to authenticate and authorize users on a per system basis. BlackFish IAM experts support both Identity Services (IdS) and Access Services (AcS). IdS is responsible for the identity repository as well as the identity verification and proofing capabilities. AcS is responsible for authentication and authorization through capabilities such as Single Sign On (SSO), Credential Service Providers (CSP), Specialized Access Control (SAC), Electronic Signature (eSig), Authorized Management Service (AMS), and Provisioning.

Our strategic planning including software selection and solution architecture. We provide extensive Systems Integration support for myriad COTS products in the IAM space as well as downstream in both health and benefits systems. We also provide testing, quality assurance and independent verification and validation (IV&V) support.

  • Records Management Support
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Strategic Business Planning and Budget Execution Support for 18 VA Medical Centers across the country
  • Systems integration
  • Testing, quality assurance, and IV&V
  • Strategic Planning (Software selection, Solution Architecture, Facilitation)